16. When Humour met Sadness




Humour met Sadness in a small room were people of conflicting emotions meet when the music has played loud for some time and the rampant excesses of hormones and alcohol has lead the few on a path of extreme highs or lows.


Why are you so sad? Humour asked Sadness as she sat curled on a seat in the familiar foetal position of one who had hurt and was hurting.

Im blue Sadness replied. All I can think about is all the times I have been by Myself and how I want True Love to find me.

You know True Love rarely goes out said Humour. Can I keep you company?

I guess so said Sadness maybe Happiness will come along soon 


So Humour stayed and talked as Sadness waited for True Love and as these things go people changed over time. Humour became Desire and Sadness became Melancholy. They stayed close together as these always do and people commented on it and said they made a great What if? 


Unfortunately Desire became Brave as Melancholy was turning into Denial and when Brave announced his feelings to Denial saying he had found True Love and it was her. She was there to turn him down, morphing Brave into the Despondent and Denial into Memory as she did what all good Memories do which is deign to live in the heads of the Despondent and Unrequited and not face up to the stark world of Reality by leaving.


But such is life in this crazy world it happens to all and sunder every day as we go by; someone suffers and turns Happiness to Sadness and back again.


I saw Despondent there recently he had time to look back on the whole situation and had found Closure a week or so ago. Announcing he was now Fine; but he couldnt fool me. I recognized him the instant I saw him. He was Lonely :-(